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Castle Hill Crowd Funding Project

Project aim

To return the Castle Hill in the Royal Burgh of Cullen to a condition where it can be enjoyed by all ages and all abilities once again.

The Castle Hill in the Royal Burgh of Cullen has been standing guard above the town since the Iron Age.

The hill has witnessed key moments in British history, such as the Battle of the Bauds in 962 AD, the death of Robert the Bruce's wife and the Duke of Cumberlands army, massing in the fields around it before they marched to crush the Jacobite rebellion.

It has witnessed the coming of the steam age, the arrival of the great  herring fishing fleets but sadly during the last 30 years it has become neglected and overgrown with gorse and was no longer accessible or  an asset to the community.

The community has now come  together with a project to clear the hill and bring it back to life, so once again people can climb it, picnic on it or just enjoy the fantastic views it affords of the Moray Coast. You will see the gorse as it was in picture, while the video shows how far we have progressed with clearing it
With your help we can now provide seats, a safety fence for children and hardcore paths which all can use.

To crown it all, we will once again fly the flag of the Royal Burgh of Cullen over the town, it will bid a warm welcome to all, wherever you come from.

Find out more at www.crowdfunder.co.uk/castle-hill-project



Contact Details

Graham Bell
Cullen Voluntary Tourist Initiative
23a Seafield Street
Cullen AB56 4SU

07801 850827 / 01542 841519

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This project was part-financed by the scottish goverment and the european community moray leader 2007-2017 programme.